It all began with a 3-year-old child observing his age-old family business of garments. Perhaps the toys didn’t inspire Asif Ahmad Subhani. The business activities, the customers, the problems did. Thus began the journey of formal and informal education. Informal education was an inheritance from a well-knit family where moral values, ethics, care and leadership are significantly embedded. The formal education polished these values of Asif Ahmad.  

The new journey began with the word, “care” when the co-founder of “The Crafted” Asif Ahmad Subhani realised how his female friends and relatives would feel frustrated running around the markets to find a colour-matching piece of cloth for their costumes. A postgraduate degree in Business Administration from Pune, India helped him to look further and see the future. The Crafted came into being in 2018 on the following Core values:

  • untickedWomen’s empowerment
  • untickedPassion
  • untickedInspiration
  • untickedLeadership

The Care

There is just one word that sums up the values and the philosophy of The Crafted brand. The word is, “Care”.  The “Care” for the women instigated us to conduct a survey. One thousand women were asked if they felt the need for a platform where they could order their favourite colour-matching piece of cloth. An overwhelming number of 983 women responded in affirmative. The loud and clear answer “yes” triggered the passion to set up an e-commerce website and a mobile app to facilitate Indian women to order their matching colour cloth material from the comforts of their home. Thus, “The Crafted” came into being. The appreciation for the hub called “The Crafted” has been widespread, satisfying and growing.