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Asif A. Subhani

I help Saree Retailers and Boutique Owners boost their store footfall and improve customer experience which results in 3X their sales and get repeat customers. 

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The Founder

It all began with a 3-year-old child
observing his age-old family
business of textiles.

Perhaps the toys didn’t inspire Asif Ahmed Subhani. The business activities, the customers, the problems did. Thus began the journey of formal and informal education. Informal education was an inheritance from a well-knit family where moral values, ethics, care and leadership…

Asif Ahmed Subhani

The Crafted is an Indian revolutionary brand that focuses on Empowering Women, Educating Youth, and helping craft a new India. It is on a mission of enabling Social Entrepreneurship throughout India by empowering Indian women to work from home and...


The Brand

What Do I Do?

Brand Owner

We are building an exclusive Indian brand and taking it to the global level with the help of unique selling proposition into Fashion and Lifestyle Industry.

Digital Coach

The Crafted Saree Retail Growth Mastery workshop is designed to help Saree Retailers and Boutiques owners grow their offline store customers reach.

Marketing Consultant

We are collaborating and consulting small and medium size business owners specially into textile and leather industry and helping their business grow 10X times.

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