Empowering women, Educating Youth. 

The Crafted is an Indian revolutionary brand that focuses on Empowering Women, Educating Youth, and helping craft a new India. It aims to enable Social Entrepreneurship throughout India by empowering Indian women to work from home and educating youth to become focused and self-reliant.

The Crafted is building India’s first Online Matching Center to help Indian women find a matching colour bottom and accessories in just a few clicks and get it delivered to their doorstep.

How do we do? 

We are connected with and empowering local women to work from home. We help them to learn and grow with us by employing them as our stitching partner and enabling them to become their boss.

We are already connected with local women around our city who pick semi-finished unstitched products from us to their homes and stitch them and send them back to us which after quality check packed and dispatched to our suppliers and distributors. At present 50+ families are earning their livelihood through us and we want to increase it to thousands of women spread in multiple small cities.

  • We teach them.
  • We give them stitching work and make them experienced.
  • We want to move further forward and nourish leaders among them so that they can teach others and open their stitching institutes or workshops.

We are educating Indian youth through our online classes and helping them learn English so that they can prepare themselves for global exposure and should not be laid behind and can connect with people globally.